Listing Form - Weekly Training Rides

Please DO NOT use this form to list charity rides and events.

Please click on "Listing Form - Rides & Events" to list charity rides and events.

Use this form to list weekly training rides. Weekly training rides are group rides that occur on a regular weekly basis, usually on the same day each week thru the season. These rides are listed by day of the week and by the skill level based on the average pace categories selected for the ride. The following form will help us list your ride in the most accurate way. It is the ride leaders responsibility to make aware of any changes to the ride throughout the season. Weekly training rides do not appear on the ride calendars.

A few things to know:

  1. Please check the website before submitting your ride. It may already be posted.
  2. Allow up to 48 hours for your ride to be listed. You will be notified when the listing is complete. It is your responsibility to check the listing and make us aware of any changes that are needed.
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