Ride Pace Categories

WRAdv48x48Advance Level:

Cat 1:    20+ mph Avg. Race pace for very strong riders, pace lines and tight packs.

Cat 2:    18-19 mph Avg. Fast pace for advanced riders, pace lines, tight packs, rest stops and some re-grouping.

WRInter48x48Intermediate Level:

Cat 3:    17-18 mph Avg. Brisk, steady pace for intermediate and above riders, pace lines, rest stops.

Cat 4:    15-16 mph Avg. Conversational pace, endurance and skills development, frequent stops for re-grouping.

WRNovice48x48Novice Level:

Cat 5:    12-14 mph Avg. Beginner pace, focus on fun, skills and safety. Frequent stops for re-grouping.


WRSocial48x48Social Rides:

No set pace. Social rides typically involve more social activities like gallery crawls, city tours, greenway rides and other easy going activities that are just simply better by bike. These rides are more about the gathering than they are about the ride.



Trail Rides:

No set pace. Trail rides are primarily off road rides but may included some on road riding. Trails are typically closed loops where riders can complete as few or as many laps as they want. Night time trail rides are another popular way to have fun.


Terrain Categories

FL / Mostly flat with some rolling hills.

RH / Rolling hills with some short, moderate grade climbs.

H+ / Hilly with short and long moderate grade climbs. Some steep grades.

H++ / Very hilly, demanding climbs with long and/or steep grades.

No Drop Ride Policy

Some rides are designated as "No Drop" rides. If a ride is listed this way it means that someone in the group will be designated to sweep the ride. A ride sweep will keep an eye on the last rider and make sure that no rider gets dropped from the ride. All riders should be able to maintain the minimum posted ride pace for the posted distance and terrain. This policy is to encourage new riders or those not familiar with the ride route to join with confidence that they will not be left behind. This is not an invitation to join a ride that is beyond your normal pace or distance. Listed ride leaders are not always present. Check with the listed ride leader if you have any questions.

Show & Go Ride Policy

"We'll need a piece of your clothing...for the search dogs."

Show & Go rides do not have a designated sweep. Riders that fall off the pace should know the route as well as the area. Riders should also be able to handle any mechanical issues that may occur. Some re-grouping may occur along the ride but each ride is different. Ride leaders are not always present. Check with the listed ride leader if you have any questions.